Jacques Martin - Former Florida Panthers Coach and General Manager

“Steve is an incredible asset to the Florida Panther’s organization. His skills are of the highest caliber, and we would accept nothing less at the professional level. His ability to quickly lead players back from injuries and surgeries is something we heavily rely on.”

Dara Torres- Five time U.S. Olympian freestyle swimmer with twelve medals

“I underwent two surgeries prior to the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing. Steve’s rehabilitation helped me achieve a full recovery and have a very successful Olympics. On August 1, 2007, at the age of 40 (less than a year from my surgeries) I won gold in the 100 meter freestyle at the U.S. Nationals in Indianapolis. This helped pave the way for the 2008 Beijing Games, where I competed in the 50 meter freestyle, 4×100 medley relay, and 4×100 freestyle relay and won the silver medal in all three of these events. Steve’s approach to the pro athletes he works with is what sets him apart, I can confidently recommend him to help you strive to finish first!Thanks Steve.”

Craig Anderson - Former Florida Panther Goalie

"I really enjoyed working with Steve while I was with the Panthers. I had hip surgery years ago, and knew I had some underlying compensations that might be affecting my performance. Steve quickly picked up on them and began helping me strengthen specific muscles so I could move properly again. I have so much confidence in Steve's ability I have partnered up with him to develop an instructional DVD that will help younger goalies develop proper movement patterns and build their core strength to help them prevent injuries and maximize performance. Thanks Steve!”

Bryan McCabe - Former Captain of the Florida Panthers

“Steve has worked on me every day and twice on game days since I was traded to the Panthers. I rely heavily on him to keep me finely tuned, and as he puts it “balanced.” He has helped rehab me through multiple injuries, including a sports hernia repair. He has been great at diagnosing and treating my various ailments. I appreciated him taking time out of his busy summer to come to Toronto to meet with my strength coach and put my rehab program together with my off-season conditioning. His treatment approach is unique, he is skilled at A.R.T. and even uses his feet to free up my hips and legs to keep me moving properly. Steve-o really knows his stuff and I wish him all the best at Finish First!”

Arlene Semeco - Venezuelan Olympic Swimmer - Athens '04 & Beijing '08

“I was injured during my training for the 2008 Olympics in Beijing. I needed reconstructive surgery eight short months prior to the games. Thanks to Steve I recovered in record time, and was able to get back into the water and resume training again sooner than anticipated. My rehab with Steve helped me achieve my personal best time and reach the semifinals at the 2008 Olympics! Thanks Steve.”

Gary Roberts - 21 year veteran of the NHL, former Florida Panther forward and Stanley Cup winner

“I played over 20 years in the NHL and have worked with many different trainers and therapists. I can say Steve is one of the best at what he does. His manual skills are both precise and effective. I wish him all the best with Finish First!.”

Joseph Gianoni - National Director of Continuing Education at Phoenix Rehabilitation

​"I asked Steve to present his hip/LE course as one of our company's continuing education opportunities. Steve's

presentation was excellent, both evidence-based and clinically relevant.  All course materials, including handouts and

videos, were high caliber.  He is an engaging speaker and the information he presents can be taken back to the clinic 

and utilized on Monday morning! I highly recommend this course to any clinician who treats hip and lower extremity 

dysfunction in any patient population."

Anthony Fasano- Veteran NFL Tight End and Notre Dame Standout

​“Steve and I met at the training facility where I do my summer work outs. Steve has helped me stay flexible and we spent

a lot of time working on specific exercises Steve gave me to keep my hips and core strong.  He gave me a program that

has helped me warm up when Im back with the team and I continue to do these exercises to keep my core strong and my hips flexible.  Thanks for all your help Steve-o!

Siv Prince - Owner Herman & Wallace Pelvic Rehabilitation Institute

"Herman & Wallace recruited Steve to teach his course through the Institute after hearing wonderful feedback about his course from our existing faculty, who had previously attended and said his approach to treating the pelvic floor brought a unique and useful perspective to pelvic rehab. Working with Steve was an absolute pleasure! He is extremely professional and knowledgeable. Our participants raved about his course and said that his techniques and approach added invaluable tools to their "clinical toolbox" when addressing the pelvic patient."
Billy Beck III: 2 - time MET-Rx World's Best Personal Trainer, Owner BB3 Personal Training & Performance Center

"I have heard about Steve from numerous clients who raved about him. The expectations were high and once we met I realized why he received such high praise. He is the real deal. So much in fact, I invited him in to train my personal training staff. I don't recommend people unless they get results. Steve Dischiavi gets RESULTS!"
Mens Journal July 2009 Issue - Steve was featured as an expert in treating athletes with muscle imbalances 

“if you’re talking nontraumatic sports injuries from chronic overuse, 95 percent of them are caused by bad postural alignment and muscular imbalance,” Dischiavi told me. In other words, we don’t get hurt just by playing hard; we get hurt by slouching through life and strengthening some muscles while ignoring others.”
Eric Hersh - Mayor of Weston, FL

"As a recreational ice hockey player, I have trusted Steve to get me back to the ice after injuring myself. His professionalism and expertise in sports physical therapy is a welcomed addition to the Weston heathcare community."
Marissa Baena - LPGA Tour Player - 10 year veteran of the LPGA Tour

"I had the labrum in my hip surgically repaired and feared it might be the end of my professional career, but with Steve's expertise and guidance I have fully recovered and have returned to the LPGA tour. Even after I completed my rehab, I have relied on Steve's soft tissue mobilizations and manual therapy techniques to help keep my body aligned and properly balanced."
Todd Eldredge - World Champion and six-time World medalist, six-time U.S. National Champion and a three time Olympian

“I sustained an ankle sprain while performing in Stars on Ice. I was referred to Steve for physical therapy and he not only rehabilitated my sprained ankle, but he was also able to improve my mobility of my other ankle which I had surgery on years ago. Steve’s ability to put my rehab on a strict timeline had me 100% ready for my season as the lead performer in Stars on Ice.”
Wade Belak - Former Florida Panther enforcer and good friend who will be missed

“I have spent two summers rehabilitating with Steve. We rehabbed my left shoulder after surgery when I was with the Panthers and I chose to go back to Steve when I was with Nashville and needed my right shoulder operated on. Both times Steve did an incredible job getting my shoulders back to 100% and having me ready for the upcoming season. It was my left that did the damage during my fight with Donald Brashear, obviously a successful surgery and rehab! Thanks Steve-o”

Ritchie Incognito- NFL Guard and Pro Bowler

​“I worked with Steve in the off seasons to help me keep working on all the trouble areas that get beat up from playing the in the NFL. Steve was great at finding all the things I needed to work on to help me from getting injured during the season. Steve is truly dedicated to helping his athletes improve their performance.... Thanks Steve.”

Brandon Marshall- NFL Wide Receiver and 5x Pro Bowler

​“After a couple hip surgeries I met Steve. He and I worked well together so I introduced him to my fitness trainer Matt Gates. Matt and I own Fit Speed Athletic Performance and we wanted him to work with us helping all the athletes work at exercises that strengthen some of the smaller muscles that are sometimes overlooked in training. Steve has been a great addition to what we're doing here at Fit Speed!.”

Janna Trottier, PT - Course Attendee at Steve's Hip Biomechanics Course

Janna wrote the following email to the company that hosted Steve's Hip Biomechanics Course:
"Good morning.  I wanted to make sure that you knew what a fantastic clinician you have to join your team in Steve Dischiavi.  I am a practicing OB and orthopedic therapist and felt this course was fantastic!  Usually the main goal is to come away with a couple of clinical "pearls."   I felt as though I came away with a full days worth of "pearls."  I really liked that the course was not totally pelvic floor based, however was totally relevant to the women's health population, but it will also apply to the majority of my current patient population as well. Thank you for the opportunity to learn from Steve!"
Christi Barber - Former Professional Squash Player and Co-Owner of Emery Behavioral Medicine

“Steve is one of the best physical therapists in the business. His knowledge, passion and expertise is unparalleled. He has skills and techniques that not only get patient results, but aid them in understanding their bodies. He has been a pleasure to deal with and is highly recommended by myself and my facility.”
Darcy Hordichuk - Former Florida Panther Winger

"Before I started my summer conditioning program, I went through Steve's Corrective Pelvic Balancing System and I can't say enough about it. On day 1 I did a comprehensive video analysis where all my movements were picked apart. After reviewing my videos, Steve designed a program to begin "balancing" my pelvis. I worked the pelvis, hips and core more efficiently than I ever have in the past. It all just made sense. This is the system I would recommend every player go through after a long season and before beginning their summer work outs."

Albert Subirats - Venezuelan Olympic Swimmer - Athens '04, Beijing '08, & London '12

​"I am a 3 time Olympian and a 3 time NCAA individual champion, and used to competing at an extremely high level. In 2011 I suffered a shoulder injury that eventually required surgery. I didn't rehabilitate it properly and re-injured myself right before the London Olympics. I felt very disappointed after my performance in London, and began to lose hope that I would not regain the strength back in my shoulder. I met Steve in October 2012 and have been working with him since. In just 2 months I felt greater improvements than I had in the prior 10 months of rehab. Thanks to Steve I can look ahead to reaching my full potential while aiming at the 2016 Olympics in Rio!"


Andrea Barberio PT, DPT, MS - Clinic Manager, Vincera Institute

Fantastic course with practical application! Steve's perspective of human movement in functional patterns provided me

with new insights in how to treat hip pathology in order to provide optimal pelvic stability in a "top down" approach.

Steve provided many sports specific exercise examples with demonstration and practice that helped me to feel proper

muscle activation and to teach this proper activation.  This course will challenge your current clinical practice, provide

in-depth understanding of mechanics underlying hip pathology, and offer new corrective exercises to address this 


Miguel Cabrera- Current Detroit Tiger and AL Triple Crown Winner

​"Steve helped me with my summer rehab and I was able to learn some new exercises with him to strengthen my core
and help me stay healthy while Im playing professional baseball. Thanks Steve.”

Mikael Sammuleson- NHL veteran, Stanley Cup winner and two-time Olympic gold medalist

"When I was traded to the Panthers I was dealing with a severe groin strain.  Steve introduced me to his drills that he uses to help athletes improve their core and hip strength.  Now after having worked with Steve I feel much better than I ever have, I feel more dynamic and stronger on the ice.  The tricky part of Steve's program is not getting frustrated with the exercises.  Steve's exercises need to be done precisely and repeated until you can do them no problem.  Even after I was traded from the Panthers I have continued to seek Steve's advice and I am still doing all his exercises"

Laurie Tuchman, ACE, LMA- Polestar Pilates Practitioner and Educator

“Steve is a vibrant member of the therapeutic community in Broward County. His succinct movement analysis abilities coupled with superb hands-on skills are of the highest caliber. Steve provides his clients and adjunctive therapists with a clear and sound treatment plan directed towards reaching the maximum potential possible. As a Pilates practitioner, I appreciate the ease with which he communicates the plan and I feel confident in integrating his directives into an effective and sound program tailored to my clients and their needs. Steve is a vital player on the pathway back to a healthy integrated body.”
Dr. Bret Emery, Ph.D: Owner Emery Fit - Behavioral Medicine & Weight Loss 

"When a patient or athlete has an injury or needs rehabilitation after surgery there is one place, and only one place in South Florida I recommend and that is Finish First with Steve Dischiavi. I have known Steve for 12 years and during that time he has treated not only my patients and athletes but he was also the person I relied on after my knee surgery and who rehabilitated my wife after her back injury. Steve Dischiavi is by far the best in the business!"
Jim McCrossin - Head ATC & Director of Sports Medicine for Philadelphia Flyers 

​"Steve has been a friend and colleague for over ten years. His finely tuned clinical skills are equalled by his talent as  a

clinical educator. We had the opportunity to have Steve provide a seminar on the hip and pelvis hosted at the Vincera

Rehab Center in Philadelphia. He did not disappoint! His knowledge and experience in these areas is readily apparent

and all attendees left with a broader understanding of this area of anatomy and interventions that they could apply

immediately, thanks Steve for a great course!" 

Brady Quinn- Former NFL and University of Notre Dame Quarterback

​“I underwent back surgery after years of professional football. I relied heavily on Steve and his expertise working with pro athletes to get me back to playing. Following our rehab together I tried to make a comeback into the NFL, and even though it was short lived I proved to myself I could still play at that level. I appreciate all that Steve did to help get me back into playing shape. Thanks Steve.”

Stanley Wilson - Dean of the College of Health Care Sciences at NSU

“The Department of Physical Therapy at NovaSoutheastern University is extremely fortunate and pleased to have Steve Dischiavi on our staff as an adjunct professor. As an educator, I have found Steve to be a hard working and determined individual who possesses outstanding physical therapy knowledge and judgement. On a personal level, Steve exudes qualities that are truly representative of the ideals of the physical therapy profession, and we are truly fortunate to have him as a member of our faculty team.”