Vestibular Rehabilitation Therapy including BPPV

Do you get bouts of dizziness that are related to movements of your head such sitting up in bed  in the morning or turning your head quickly to look around?  Do these bouts usually last less than 30 seconds in duration?  You may have a condition  called  Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo (BPPV).  Our office is located right next door to an excellent ENT (Ears, Nose, & Throat) doctor.  You can often eliminate BPPV in one treatment session.  Call me and I can get you into the doctor and then a physical therapy appointment in the same day.  

 SERVICES at Finish First Physical Therapy & Athletic Conditioning

On-Line Physical Therapy Consulting

Steve is available for various consulting services.  He has helped clinicians individually after taking one of his courses to help them integrate practice patterns into their work environments.  He will consult with clients in a distance model if needed as follow ups to office visits or to help a client upgrade their exercise program. He has also helped clinicians integrate the Core Y System into their private practices to offer to their clients.  Steve can be available to just help you brainstorm a program for a difficult client you may have or maybe you're new to treating pro athletes and need some guidance with higher level exercise programs.  

Sport Specific Athletic Conditioning & Personal Training 

Personal training implemented by a licensed physical therapist and certified athletic trainer.  Program design is sport specific with experience ranging from professional athletes in hockey, golf, figure skating, swimming, basketball, football, baseball and even squash.  This approach is also perfect for adolescent athletes ready to bring their athletic performance to the next level.  

Certified A.R.T Lower Extremity Practitioner

Active Release Technique is a soft tissue mobilization and flexibility system that is commonly utilized amongst professional athletes.  The results from this hands-on soft tissue mobilization treatment are often dramatic and can also be immediate.

Individually Designed Home Exercise Programs

This program is perfect for the busy professional or parent who might not have time to go to a personal trainer or perhaps you just finished physical therapy, but are unclear or unsatisfied with your home program.  I perform a thorough evaluation and identify your specific needs.  I can then create a video of you performing all the exercises I have prescribed for you.  I will narrate your instructions and will layout specific time frames and goals for you.  Then you will have your own personalized exercise regime on video to refer to whenever you need.

Concussion Management Program

Concussions are a very difficult injury to manage.  Steve has been trained in Vestibular Rehabilitation and his advanced knowledge of the visual and balance systems in the brain make him uniquely qualified to help treat concussions.  Steve is also exposed to what is being done at the highest levels of professional sports to help athletes manage concussions more effectively.  Steve has a manual therapy certification (COMT) which also puts Steve at an advantage when it comes to evaluating the cervical component involved in a concussion.  Steve's unique training and work experience allows him to offer a comprehensive concussion management program including access to a local physician who works closely with the local professional sports teams.

Physical Therapy

Focus is an active, hands-on, sports medicine approach. The goals for rehab are functionally based and revolve around building a stronger core.   A few of  the common diagnoses treated: hip impingement & dysfunctions of the hip,  shoulder bursitis/tendonitis, knee pain, neck and lower back pain.

Biomechanical Video Movement Assessments

Video analysis includes sport specific movements.   If you have been unsuccessful in the past with other treatment approaches there is a good chance you have a biomechanical imbalance.  

This approach is particularly effective in treating runners with chronic injuries.