"After nearly 20 years of clinical practice in orthopedic PT, it is not often that a course takes my practice to another level.  This is that type of course.  Dr. Dischiavi has a gift for making the biomechanically complex hip / pelvic girdle seem simple, approachable, and functional and presenting cutting-edge material in a dynamic, accessible, and relevant format.  Drawing from the latest research on topics such as femoralacetabular impingement (FAI),  athletic pubalgia (sports hernia), and the myofascial sling systems (including inner and outer core concepts), Dr. Dischiavi offers a critical bridge of understanding between rehabilitation and the daily advances in sports medicine for management of this complex region.   Dr. Dischiavi's treatment model has something for every clinician whether they treat professional athletes, middle-aged weekend warriors, or grandparents with hip and LBP.  This course is not to be missed! 


​Owner, Foothills Physical Therapy

Boise, ID

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After presenting in 2018, Dr. Dischiavi has been invited back for 2019! 

He will present a half-day lecture & lab for the

National Hockey League (NHL)

Athletic Trainers & Strength and Conditioning Coaches 

at the Professional Hockey Athletic Trainers Association Annual Meeting

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Dr. Dischiavi and his course

Dr. Dischiavi was invited to present his course at the

University of Otago, New Zealand

Dr. Dischiavi has a series of courses on Medbridge that are directed at the rehabilitation of the hip and pelvis.

Head to Medbridge.com and check them out!!!


Dr. Dischiavi will be in the following locations in 2019!!



Philadelphia Flyers, PA on January 26th and 27th

​​OTHER 2019 Locations:

​Harrisburg, PA on March 30th

Foothills in Boise, ID on May 4th and 5th 

Idaho Sports Performance Institute, ID May 18th and 19th

Chicago, IL on June 8th and 9th

Austin, TX on June 21st and 22nd

Miami, FL on Aug 3rd and 4th

Richland, WA on Aug 10th and 11th

New York, NY on Aug 24th and 25th

Belfast, Northern Ireland on Sep 6th

Los Angeles, CA on Oct 12th and 13th

​Bridgetown, Barbados on Oct 26th and 27th